Open Letter to the Church on Homosexuality

As I approach the podium of my thoughts regarding one of the most insidious, diabolical, scandalous, reprehensible occurrences in Church history my hands tremble with disdain as I attempt to articulate the exactness and totality of what I really feel regarding the current COGIC madness. I giggled from a humanistic standpoint of the young man’s totally missed choice of words and dramatic nature as all “honest” people would. It wasn’t funny that he was declaring deliverance because that’s what the “CHURCH” teaches us, especially those of the Pentecostal persuasion.

We come from the “Name it and Claim it” generation. Speak those things that are not as though they were (Romans 4:17).

HOWEVER!!!… The Church in and of itself has FAILED hard in skillfully learning and knowing how to walk people through a deliverance!!! If the truth be known MAJORITY of believers are not delivered!!! I am going to try not to go off on a tangent before making my whole point because now that I am talking I got a heck of a lot to say. In watching the video attached to this post, Bishop Porter addresses the PROBLEM without Admitting to the CAUSE beginning from Bishop Carter’s message and horrific, uneducated, amateurish, uncouth, uncivilized, foul-mouthed, vulgar, ungodly, anti-loving, anti-Christ way of preaching on the issues of Homesexuality!!!

While Bishop Porter admits that the statement from Bishop Carter, “I wish you would bleed out of your butt-hole since you want to be a woman” (seen on the video) was over the top, he alludes to the fact that Bishop Carter’s statement is not a representation of the COGIC, or the leadership of the COGIC. Why the heck doesn’t he represent you??? If someone gets up and preaches anything outside of the faith and belief system of your organization they should be sat down! Now silence that!!!

Bishop Porter then goes on to say, “No one knew he would say that and he probably didn’t even know he would say it himself. He just got carried away in the moment.” Well now we have an even BIGGER problem!!! Because that indicates 1) you are operating out of your flesh and an emotional flare of personal dislikes and not the spirit of compassion, 2) you are now being controlled by a demon since you are saying things you shouldn’t or didn’t mean to say, 3) you are a ridiculous waste of years in ministry when you have held the office you have held for this long but can’t skillfully, effectively, and maturely express or deliver a message without a filter of your heartless, fossil-like techniques of ministry!!! So to be safe Bishop Porter does not own up to the ERROR made and simply apologize for the mistake. Not to mention you all did not stop him, you AMENED him loudly!!! Instead you justify it and continue your effective-less way of reaching people as you have for years.

I wonder how effective that approach would have been in dealing with a fornicator? “You nasty foul slutty, stank, (blank) sucking, pile of trash!!! I hope you get bugs!!! I hope your male piece splits in half while you’re screwing.” Hhhmmmm…I can’t quite see people flooding the altars saying Yes Lord I hear you deliver me!!! You see the clouded and prejudiced way people deal with what they want to deal with? What happened to 1) With lovingkindness have I drawn thee (Jer. 31:3) 2) If I be lifted up from the earth I…I…I will draw all men unto me (John 12:32) 3) He was moved with compassion (Mark 1:41) 4) He that winneth souls is wise (Prov. 11:30). I think this post has gotten long enough, but I am enraged. And nobody can pull the, “This is just the view of a person who condones or lives as a homosexual” card because that’s not my struggle.

I am strongly against homosexuality and still stand for holiness but I have a brother who is married to a man and he knows I don’t condone it but I have loved him for years. However from the place of being a young person trying to figure out how to shift the current religious conditions of the Church as is, and for someone to get up with this ANTIQUATED approach to preach someone out of sin sends me so far over the edge I can’t even articulate it. We are trying to build the Kingdom and you got some numbskull steadily tearing it down within. Somebody might think I’m approaching this too strongly but he didn’t think he was approaching the homosexuals to strongly so let’s go since we operating in the “spirit of strongness.” The bible-bashing, you going to hell if you don’t get right day is OVER! Yes Holiness or Hell still stands but you better upgrade your stupid mindset and technique in reaching this generation or you will be the most ineffective body of people of all times. This is why we are losing soooooo many people from the Church!!!

Then you want to rare people out when they don’t have a Church home or a covering. What the heck are you covering??? You can tell from Bishop Carter’s image, his persona, his dialect that he comes from that “old holiness” way where a homosexual does not have a chance. You lead with a strong arm and no one can tell you anything until the floor falls out from under you. You don’t take the time to listen to what they have been through, or provide a strategy for them to walk out their deliverance. Instead you grease people down like a chicken and say “Hocus Pocus! Abra Cadabra! You’re delivered.” Not telling them when you leave you have a lifestyle change to go through. This situation has exposed more than the young man, but it has finally burst open the ineffective, untrained, unskilled, unpurified, contradictive way we have been doing ministry for ions.

And I mean the entire Pentecostal Movement! From COGIC, to BIBLEWAY, to PAW, to AOH, to COOLJC!!!

How many of you have classes on deliverance? (The old mothers who knew what they were doing have pretty much died out so what is your new staff of young people doing?) How many of you perform consistent deliverances on yourselves to make sure what you are trying to cast out of others is not in you??? How many of you preach against stuff that you also allow to operate in your pulpits? How many of you have classes and training on spiritual gifts? I rest my case!!!

This is about the most contradicting, CONFUSED Christian era I have ever seen in my life!!! Some of you don’t believe in the Prophetic but you believe in speaking in tongues!!! When clearly Paul said in 1 Cor. 14:5 I would rather you prophesy than speak in tongues and that was for the purpose of edification! And in my conclusion this is why the Church has issues across the board because WE do not know the Power nor Strategies of Edification!!!! I will probably get hate mail and somebody trying to read me with some broken – English filled paragraph that I will have to try to interpret from such a strong lack of intelligence, but whatever…it will further prove my point regarding the UNEDUCATED CHURCH! Let’s go!

– Melissa S. Sanders, M.A.



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