Fans outraged by treatment of Caravans at Inez Andrews’ funeral



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Many gospel fans are outraged by what happened at gospel legend, Inez Andrews’ funeral on Dec. 28. This video was brought to my attention by this post on Facebook from gospel artist Dr. Prince Yelder, who has recorded with Dorothy Norwood and Albertina Walker on numerous projects:

Gospel artists and music lovers please take a moment and look at the video I posted earlier from Inez Andrew’s Homegoing. Its a disgrace how they did Ms. Norwood and the other Caravans.

Just in case the video gets yanked from YouTube, I’ll provide a play-by-play.

During the service, Pastor Shirley Caesar gave an impromptu sermonette. Following her sermonette was a quick praise break that went into the classic song, “Sweeping Through The City.” The pulpit conductor began speaking over the praise music and continued to do so while they were singing!! (4:10)

An usher or musician in the background gave the band a signal to stop playing, but they quietly continued.

Dorothy Norwood began the song again, “Then we’ll go sweeping through the city…” (4:20)

Then, the woman (conductor) continued talking and said that “God is a God of order.” (4:37)

Then the band was cut off and Norwood began walking around the stage in praise. She walked towards a group of singers on the side and kept singing the song, but was signaled from someone on the floor to stop.

I don’t know about you, but this was outrageous behavior by the pulpit conductor of the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago. Inez Andrews was a gospel icon and the Caravans were like family. The funeral was for the Caravans and the public as much as it was for the church and her family.

Inez Andrews also grew up COGIC, I’m sure she would want a spirited homegoing and the group she earned her fame in to be respected. 

Hopefully, this will not happen at my funeral. I want everybody to run and shout as they please. The conductor may not understand what we do at African American HOMEGOINGS, especially for music legends (see Funeral of James Cleveland/Funeral of Bishop Walter Hawkins/Funeral of Whitney Houston).

She said that “God is a God of order,” but she was clearly out of order herself.

She needed to have -> \_


B. McCoy | @RightsChamp |

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