Mass Choir

Churches/Pastors: Don’t Get Rid of the Choir

There is a trend in the Black Church–the end to mass choirs and diverse music ministries in exchange for a praise team. One well-known instructor and artist addressed his concern on social media.

Pastors/Ministers of Music. If you wipe out your entire music program and replace it with a Praise Team and hot band you’ve signed a death sentence for your music ministry. Musical gifts are developed in stages just like in Sunday School or Christian Education.

A functional music ministry is the “pool” for growth within the church from the little Sunshine kiddie choir, to youth, young adult, to seniors. The senior choir needs their spiritual needs met too and it ain’t with Tye Tribbett but rather Clay Evans and Shirley Caesar. Likewise we must accept music of this generation for this generation.

Our heritage is being devoured and that’s not right. One should not cancel out the other but add dimensions and harmony. Our kids must learn theory too if they want to play with symphonies or if one day you want a orchestra in your church. Black History Month demands that we know hymns, spirituals, the Negro National Anthem, etc. You can’t just act like we got where we are without someone paying for it. #grow

Bishop Kevin P. Turner

Has this happened at your church yet?


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