Alex Bradford’s writing of ‘His Yoke Is Easy’, ‘Since I Met Jesus’

Some may not know that Bessemer, AL born gospel singer Alex Bradford wrote a song that has lasted over 50 years and recorded by many legendary artists. Bradford was a gospel singer that sold over one million copies of his first nationally released single, “Too Close.” He is noted as the most influential gospel artist of the post World War II era. After leaving Alabama because of an incident with police brutality, he started a group in the Bronx, NY. After returning to Alabama he became an instructor at the famous Snow Hill Institute, then returned to New York recording for Apollo Records, starring in plays and directing church music departments. This is a legacy that has been lost during the past few decades. The song ‘Since I Met Jesus’ was written for gospel legend Roberta Martin. It has gone on to be recorded by the Caravans, Bessie Griffin, the Blind Boys of Alabama and introduced to another generation with Bishop Paul S. Morton. Listen to the various renditions of this classic and take time to remember this Alabama gospel legend.


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