‘Alabama People’s Choice Choir’ keeps it churchy

Remember the days when church choirs recorded an album and it was a big deal? Well, some may not remember those times. The old church recordings reflected the passion felt every Sunday when these choirs led their congregations into worship.

The project by the Alabama People’s Choice Choir has that same feel. The album is “church music.” The choir formed around the Alabama People’s Choice Awards, recorded this project to showcase local artists. A stand out is When I Think of the Goodness of Jesus, which was previously recorded by Birmingham Community Mass Choir. This time it has Jeremy Hill (Impact) on lead.

On another note, the mass choir sound is missing from the recording, but it is still a project that gospel enthusiasts should have to document the legacy of Birmingham gospel music.

It can be purchased at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/alabamapeopleschoice.

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